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Multi-instrumentalist | Session Musician | Mentor

"With the swagger of Joan Jett, bass chops of Suzi Quatro, and the no-bullshit attitude of Sarah McLeod, India Raine embodies the feminine rock’n’roll spirit of decades past." -
Reyco Records

Meet India Raine, the multi-instrumentalist taking the Aussie music scene by storm! Hailing from the UK and raised under the Australian sun, India’s journey began at the tender age of 5 when she declared that she wanted to be a rockstar. Fast forward to today, and she’s living that dream.

India Raine’s musical journey led her to attend and graduate from Music Industry College (MIC) in Queensland, Australia, where she completed a Diploma of Music Industry. She has since conquered stages both nationally and internationally, establishing herself as a reliable fixture in the Australian music industry.

As an internationally touring multi-instrumentalist, India commands the stage with her mastery of bass and guitar, and occasionally, you’ll find her perched behind the drum kit.

India is a full-time member and bass player in the band of country music luminary Josh Setterfield. Her pulsating rhythms and captivating bass groves provide the backbone of Josh’s electrifying performances, earning her a well-deserved place in the spotlight.

India is also a founding member, bass player, and co-producer of Aussie rockers Reckless Coast, where she is at the forefront of the rock resurgence movement.

Sharing the stage with iconic bands like The Wolfe Brothers, Casey Barnes, and The Southern River Band, India electrifies the scene with her talent.

India’s expertise as a session musician has seen her collaborate with a diverse range of artists, including renowned rocker Reece Mastin. Her versatility and mastery of many musical genres and natural talent for production make her an invaluable asset to every project she touches.

From graduating from Music Industry College to conquering international stages, India Raine is not just a musician; she’s a force to be reckoned with.


Music is my language and the air I breathe. I want to share my passion with the like-minded next generation of musicians so they gain the skills and the confidence to achieve their goals.

Following her graduation from Music Industry College (MIC), India Raine has been actively involved in mentoring youth through two organisations, one of which is ‘Starving Kids,’ a music label based at the Music Industry College’s campus in Brisbane.

As the label’s CEO, she provides mentorship, guidance, and opportunities for MIC students and alumni. Her role involves assisting young musicians in navigating the industry, organising live music events, creating music release plans, running PR campaigns, and more, with a primary aim of empowering the emerging generation of music industry creatives.

India Raine’s unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and fostering meaningful connections has been a game-changer for ‘Starving Kids.’ Her efforts have significantly influenced the music career goals of the students and alumni at MIC

India Raine’s dedication to the music industry extends beyond ‘Starving Kids.’ She is also deeply involved in Imagine Music, an organisation that offers tailored workshops and mentoring services to enrich the lives and careers of aspiring musicians and music enthusiasts.

India Raine’s passion for music and her commitment to mentoring the next generation of musicians exemplify her as a ‘mover and shaker’ in the music industry, not only as a musician but also as a guiding force for emerging talents.

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"As a woman in the industry, India has provided invaluable advice and support for the young women she works with at MIC."

"I have worked closely with India for the past two years in her role as CEO of Starving Kids. India works with the students at Music Industry College (MIC) to assist them in their pursuit of careers in the music industry. As an emerging musician herself and graduate of MIC, India has a unique insight into the lives of our students as well as the current workings of an ever-changing industry. She is passionate, bright, knowledgeable and experienced in a range of areas within the industry, and this has allowed her to bring the best out of the young people she works with. As a woman in the industry, India has provided invaluable advice and support for the young women she works with at MIC. I give my full endorsement to India's nomination for the Australian Women in Music Awards."

Brett Wood Principle, Music Industry College (MIC)

"We have seen India inspire many of our young participants in being a great model in the music industry."

"India has been an amazing energy to have with Imagine Music. She brings her extensive professional experience and wisdom as a musician into the workshops along with her empathy and genuine compassion. She has an ability to connect to others in a passionate and easy-going manner whilst being a hardworking and committed person. We have seen India inspire many of our young participants in being a great model in the music industry. Along with this I have personally seen the benefits of India’s work to the greater community and music scene of Brisbane, in mentoring, guiding and inspiring up and coming young people."

Aaron Shanahan, Founder/CEO, Imagine Music

"I am so grateful to have India's guidance in my career.”

“Moving from the well supported environment of Music Industry College to working independently as a musician at 17, while an exciting time, also has had its moments of feeling overwhelming. India, through her work at Starving Kids, has been there every step of the way to guide me through each step of my process. Her enthusiasm and commitment, and her authentic determination to see progression in my career has directly resulted in media exposure (social media, music blogs), radio airplay (my first single reached the AMRAP top 10 for 4 weeks in the regional chart) and most importantly, a mentor who has supported me through each step of the process over the last 15 months. I am so grateful to have India's guidance in my career from trouble shooting, to goal setting and generally just being a strong female role model that I can turn to as I work toward my music career.”

Lottie McLeod Singer, Songwriter and MIC Graduate.

“India Raine is such an inspiration to everyone around her. She is always there for people..."

“India Raine is such an inspiration to everyone around her. She has always showed me how to be the best person I can be around the music industry. She has such a kind heart and is always there for people as well as very selfless with her time in helping others. She is such a talented musician and really shows everyone how it’s done. She has been so supportive to me and so many others, and her knowledge of the music Industry has been vital to people like me at MIC being able to go out and feel a sense of direction and confidence knowing what we’re doing. She helped me with running my first few shows and even with gigging and Instagram reels. She really knows a lot and is always such an inspiration to everyone”. - , 2023 MIC Graduate

Charlie Sloan 2023 MIC Graduate

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tour dates

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The Stag & Hunter, Newcastle NSW

31 May

Hamilton Hotel 442 Kingsford Smith Drive 4007 Hamilton, QLD, Australia

01 Jun

Miami Marketta, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

15 Jun

Wangi Wangi RSL Club, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

21 Jun

Kindred Bandroom 3 Harris Street Footscray, VIC 3011



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